Thalia Trinity Presbyterian Church 300 Remnant Worship Vol. 1

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Living on Purpose by Karla Perry

People are not subject to the world around them. They are free to make choices that order the steps of their lives. In some nations, people believe that nature affords them no recourse, but to be at its mercy. The belief that nature is more powerful than human beings prevents people from devising creative ideas to curtail the forces of nature. In the West, we harness the power of nature for our use, but in many parts of the East the powers of nature harness the people.

How Genesis makes the difference

It is actually the biblical view that God placed man on the earth to have dominion over the earth that makes the difference between the East and the West. However, if the ramifications of this doctrine are not taught, the benefits to life become lost. Animals are at the mercy of their environment. They are subject to dominion. In contrast, people can change their environment by their choices. No permission is needed to think differently. There may be opposition to practicing a new way of thinking, but progress seldom occurs without opposition. Those willing to move forward despite opposition often become those who lead the way for the more timid.

Ordering our steps

This idea extends beyond man's dominion over nature, but man's ability to order his own steps. Instead of life happening to us, we happen to life. Sure some things come our way that we cannot foresee or control and land squarely on our lap. But such things are few and far between in the big picture. We cannot live in such a way that everything becomes our responsibility or our baggage to maintain. Many things will vie to be our problems, but only a handful ought to become our own. If a person is making a series of bad choices, the problems will pile up, and these problems will be that person's responsibility to clean up. But many of us have problems clinging to us that are not our own. Some other helpless soul dumped their load upon our shoulders, and we thought it loving to carry it for them. Many times we feel we had no choice but to receive the load. We need to evaluate our choices and see what truly belongs to us, what truly is an act of love, and what is not our burden to bear.


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God Against No One by Joseph Perry

I am against everyone whom God is against. Who is God against? Non-Christians? Members of the LGBT community? Atheists? Muslims? Buddhists? New Age practitioners? Witchcraft practitioners? Many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, may believe that God is against all of the above. This, however, couldn't be further from the truth. Christians, well-versed in the Bible, may believe that the Bible supports such things. In fact, many pit themselves against the practitioners of such things because they believe that God is against them. But what if He was not? Jesus said,

"He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters." (Matt. 12:30)

Notice what He says here: "He who is not with Me is against Me." When we say such things, we mean, "If you're not going to support me then I am going to treat you as an enemy." But that is not what is happening. Does the Bible say we are enemies of God before the cross? Of course we are. (Rom. 5:8) But it's not because God has declared us enemies. It is because that is our state that we have chosen, not Him. In other words, we make ourselves enemies of God by our choice to stay in our sin, which goes way beyond the practices mentioned above. Things such as gossip, lying, and loving money all condemn us if we choose them over God. When we choose them, we set ourselves against God. God is not setting Himself against us. This is an important distinction. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He does not need to choose a stance against something or someone. God is not against homosexuals, though people choosing homosexuality are setting themselves against God. God does not set Himself against liars, but liars are setting themselves against God. These people, along with gossips, coveters, the unforgiving, and others may not be intentionally turning their heart from God, but the thing they choose puts them in this place.


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