Remnant Global Ministries (RGM)

“RGM” is the branch of Remnant Global that welcomes individuals involved in various types of ministry seeking connection and oversight such as:

  • Para-church Ministries
  • Missionaries / Missions Organizations
  • Marketplace Ministries
  • Itinerant Ministers
  • Worship Leaders / Artists

At Remnant we believe that God calls people to be leaders who are salt and light in the world. Whether in the church, government, media, education, or entertainment, the world needs those who will lead them to a future where Jesus is central in all they do. There are many, even now, who not only have permission to go into these other spheres of society; they were born for it! Whether you’re a missionary, musician, director, or artist God needs people who can bring a demonstration of His Kingdom into their realm.

We aim to equip through:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Conference calls (Web Conferencing)
  • E-Newsletters

Contact us for more information.

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