• Train up a Child by Karla Perry

    Proverbs 22:6 (NASB) Train up a child in the way he should go,Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Train up a child The first thing we can take from this verse is that it is necessary to train up a child. Children do not raise themselves. They need to be trained. God has placed the privilege and responsibility of training children upon the parents. This is why children are to …Read More

  • Protecting Our Hearts in Relationships by Joseph Perry

    We have all seen the movie. The “good” guys, let’s say a man and a woman, working for two different government agencies, enter a room simultaneously. Their field training kicks in, and two guns are drawn, each person looking down the barrel of their “adversary.” But they’re not adversaries. In fact, they’re on the same team, but badges have yet to be displayed, because both have been undercover. One finally confesses, “I’m C.I.A.” The other, …Read More

  • Living on Purpose by Karla Perry

    People are not subject to the world around them. They are free to make choices that order the steps of their lives. In some nations, people believe that nature affords them no recourse, but to be at its mercy. The belief that nature is more powerful than human beings prevents people from devising creative ideas to curtail the forces of nature. In the West, we harness the power of nature for our use, but in …Read More

  • Setting the Captives Free by Karla Perry

    Slavery begins in the mind. Slavery, captivity, and bondage are the fallen status quo of mankind. It is not just those who are held captive by other humans, but those who are captive to time, nature, technology, superstition, religion, or our own thinking. True freedom Freedom is not tied to the earth; in fact, it is living free from earthly shackles. Freedom is the nature of the Kingdom of God, for where the Spirit of …Read More


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