All last week I had this pain in the heel of my right foot. It plagued me. I was limping around attempting to keep my weight off the heel and yet it hurt whether I was sitting still or walking around.  By Sunday morning the pain was at its worst. I was limping worse than I had all week and was uncertain as to if I would be much help setting up the space we rent for church.  We started the morning off, before setup, with a time of prayer. My husband asked Jesus to heal my aching foot.  I didn’t think much of it at the time; my concentration was on my pain more than on praying.

We began to start the set up process and I tentatively began to do my usual tasks. In about ten minutes I was walking from one room to the next and it suddenly came to my attention that I wasn’t limping. I stopped and walked around, testing out my foot and realized I had no pain whatsoever, and now three days later, still no pain.

Nathan prayed for Nick, a young man. Here is his response to us asking for his testimony in his own words.

idk rly i guess it just felt like you took squeezed the pain out when you took your hand off

Last month at a family get together on of my youngest nephews, Todd, was very sick, and could only sit on the floor, not willing to try to get up and play with the other kids. I went over to him, and very simply prayed for him. The sickness left within maybe a half- hour or less, and he was fine.

Yesterday, Karla got a word of knowledge about some pain in the neck / upper back area. Two people in the meeting said they had pain there, and Melissa said her son was having the same pain, and was in children’s church. Karla prayed for the first one, Nancy. She was healed completely. Nathan prayed for Dom a few times and while it wasn’t completely healed, it was much better. After the meeting, Todd was back with his family, so his mother, Melissa, laid her hand on the area, and we prayed for him. A little pain left each time. The third time we prayed for him, it had completely left his body.

Daniel was sought the Lord about finances one day. He was out at a local fast-food place when the check/credit system went down. They had already prepped his food, so they gave it to him for free. God cares about the little things.

A teenager, Nick, prayed for his mother’s neck on Sunday. She was hardly able to move it at all without pain. He prayed the first time, but there was no change. After praying once or twice or more, most of the pain left immediately. About 80% of the pain was completely gone.

After the meeting it seemed as some of the pain in Amber’s neck may have moved elsewhere. Her right shoulder blade was giving her intense pain. My wife and I prayed and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. Nothing happened at first. We prayed maybe once more, and it left completely, and she could move her shoulder again with zero pain.

During the Remnant meeting someone needed prayer for their toe, which they said, felt like it was broken. They had limped into the meeting that day. Someone prayed for her, but there was no change. The second time he just spoke to the problem and commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name. She didn’t notice anything, so we told her to stand up and test it out. She stood on it and started putting her weight on it, and felt no pain. It was completely healed.

In Church a young man who had earlier had a word of knowledge called out for his right ear needed prayer for neck pain. A young girl volunteered to pray for him. We showed her how. She prayed a few times, and when she was done he said his neck felt a lot better.

Saturday night I (Joseph) was talking with my wife. Suddenly my right inner ear started getting very warm. About 10 seconds later it went away. The next day in church I asked if anyone had any pain associated with their right inner ear. One young man raised his hand. He said he had just come in from outside, and his ear had just been hurting even though it was not hurting at the moment.

Then a woman visiting the church said that the night before she had also had pain in her right ear, although it was also not hurting at the moment. In case there was any ear infection starting to happen we prayed for them, and told them to let us know if any pain tried to return. I love it when God gives us words of knowledge concerning people He wants to heal.